Department of Biology

     Department of Biology is an academic and research department dedicated to the development and dissemination of knowledge in the various fields of life sciences. The department was established as one of the main academic and scientific departments in the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences in Turabah, (The university collage – the new name -). The first batches graduated in 1436-1437, and the department has since developed in terms of academic staff and laboratory equipment. 

      The department provides excellent opportunities for university education in accordance with academic standards approved by the Ministry of Education. The department works on the continuous development of knowledge through targeted scientific research. In addition the department is also concerned with raising community health awareness and protecting the environment.The Department includes a highly qualified faculty members in teaching and scientific research, in addition to their outstanding contributions in providing many university and community services.

      The department of Biology grants a Bachelor's degree in Biology after completing the academic courses according to the general plan of the university. 



Leadership in biological sciences and scientific research to serve society and achieve the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  vision 2030.


Prepare a creative generation of graduates and researchers in the biological sciences to meet the needs of the labor market and community development.


  1. Providing academic programs in biological sciences that achieve excellence in education and scientific research.
  2. Attain academic accreditation standards for the educational process.
  3. Provide the labor market with its needs of competent labors.
  4. Promote scientific research to serve community demands.
  5. Instill the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among employees and students.

Fields of work for graduates:

The fields of work include: University Assistants, General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental , Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture , Ministry of Education, National Commission for the Protection of Natural Life , City of king Abdul Aziz for Technical Sciences, National Water Authority, Food and Drug Companies, National Schools, Water and Sanitation Authority, National Saudi Research Centers and all military sectors. In addition to the foreign scholarship program for distinguished students

Message from the Chairman:


ll, praise is to Allah (Exalted and Glorified be He) alone, and peace and blessings are upon the most honorable among Prophets and Messengers, our Prophet Muhammad, and upon his family and companions. As for after:

The biology department is one of the applied science departments in Turabah University College. Where it means preparing generations of distinguished young people in the field of life sciences that are capable of competing effectively in building and flourishing the society.

The Department of Biology offers a general biology program, which is concerned with teaching male and female students the basics of studying living organisms and their diversity, how they coexist and reproduce, and the extent of their influence or impact on the environment. It also teaches students the principles of classification of living organisms, biodiversity and economics based on biology. Achieving the highest quality standards in academic education and serving the community and environmental issues are the most important goals of the department and we ask  Allah Almighty for help and rectitude to be an effective building tool in the development of our dear nation in light of the values of our true religion and under our wise leadership. Allah is the Grantor of success.


Head of the department

Dr. Adel Qlayel Alkhedaide


Programs provided by the department

General Biology Program

Food Sciences and Nutrition Program


Study Plan of General Biology Program 44

study Plan of Food Sciences and Nutrition Program  442

Course specification of General Biology Program

Course specifications of Food Sciences and Nutrition Program