Department of Islamic Law


To achieve educational and professional quality; To build legitimately qualified cadres aware of the changes in the era in which we live, suitable for the labor market.


Serving Islamic law through education, training and scientific research. To consolidate the Islamic identity, and to spread the Islamic moderation approach that distinguishes it.


1- Instilling the correct cognitive, belief, jurisprudential, devotional, ethical and behavioral foundations in the department's students; To be able to work constructively in their community.

2- Formation of the scientific personality committed and distinguished in its deep and comprehensive understanding of the Holy Qur’an and the noble Prophet’s Sunnah and the legal rulings derived from them.

3- Preparing specialists in Sharia sciences qualified to know the judgment of God Almighty in all new matters of economic, social, political and administrative life.

4- Qualifying graduated students to teach religious subjects at various stages of education.

5- Preparing qualified young people to work in the fields of calling to God, preaching, guidance, wisdom, the imamate, rhetoric and legal counseling in government departments and others.

6- Preparing scientific competencies to meet the needs of Muslims at home and abroad in the fields of calling to God Almighty.

7- Preparing Islamic research and studies aimed at serving Islam and Muslims.

Department's Programs:

Al Sharia- Islamic Studies.

Governmental and private agencies targeted for the graduate's work:

1- The Ministry of Education.

2- The Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs.

3- The Ministry of Justice.

4- The Ministry of Information.

5- The General Authority for Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil.

6- The Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution

7 Military colleges - officers of religious affairs .

8- Lawyers and Sharia consulting firm.

The appropriate fields of work for the graduate:

  1. Teaching religious subjects at all academic levels.
  2. Work in the fields of preaching, counseling and calling to God Almighty.
  3. Working in Sharia courts and notaries.
  4. Acceptance in the imamate and rhetoric positions.
  5. Working in various media and preparing religious programs.

Message from the Chairman:

Praise be to God who revealed the book to his servant and did not make him crooked, and blessings and peace be upon the master of the first and the last, our Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace.

As for after; Forensic science is a science that God has exalted and exalted, and has chosen for it from among His servants those who serve him and reveal his command, and this is what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded upon since its inception. It took this into account and made it the source of its legislation and the cordon of its survival, so it established the scientific edifices that are characterized by moderation, approach moderation, and inform people about their religion and their insight with it represented in the Department of Sharia, which is considered the safety valve in society from ignorance and exaggeration or negligence, and intellectual beacons that nourish society with correct thought and protect it from Intruder ideas infiltrate, and correct his behavior on the method of prophethood, and meet the urgent need of society to qualify distinguished scientific cadres in understanding religion and enlightening people of the principles of their Sharia, the rulings of their acts of worship, their dealings, their arguments, their borders and their rulings.

It is a pleasure for me and my colleagues, employees of the Sharia Department, to welcome you to the website of the University College in Tarbah, which we are pleased to communicate with you through the. God Almighty ask God to guide the steps and bless the efforts .

Head of Department : Dr. Abdo ElAziz AlAnsary


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