Department of Mathematics


Leadership in achieving excellent outcomes in mathematics and its applications, and to contribute to the enrichment of the knowledge society.


Providing high-quality academic programs to prepare scientific specialists in all disciplines of mathematics and its applications able to accommodate all the emerging scientific research and development to serve the community's needs and knowledge enrichment.


  1. Providing knowledge in the fields of mathematics within the approved curriculum plans.
  2. Providing the labor market with the needed professionals in mathematics field.
  3. Keeping abreast of scientific progress and its applications in the field of mathematics.
  4. Encouraging scientific research and provide students with the basic skills in this area.
  5. Giving the integrating between mathematics and its applications, and its relationship to society and the environment.
  6. Strengthening the ties between the mathematics department and the corresponding departments and professional organizations in Saudi Arabia, the Arab region, and the global community. 

Programs provided by the department

The Department offers a bachelor's degree for students.

BSc in Mathematics