Demonstrators and Scholarships Affairs Unit


Work to achieve the principle of leadership and scientific excellence with its international specifications for the faculty’s employees, advance the faculty’s programs, improve its performance, and establish the principles of the plan emanating from the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The message:

Scholarships for the faculty’s employees, follow-up of the scholarship students’ conditions through annual reports, and provide the necessary information to the departments to build a plan compatible with the strategic plan of Taif University, qualitatively train them and facilitate their procedures with high accuracy and professionalism.


1. Establishing rules and executive mechanisms for scholarships and following up on their implementation.

2. Follow up on scholarships at their scholarship headquarters (internal and external) and know the extent of academic and academic progress.

3. Gathering statistics about the faculty's scholarships at home and abroad for the master's and doctoral stages.

4. Studying the conditions of scholarship students during their scholarship period and providing assistance and suggestions regarding scholarship procedures; From changing a major, or extending a scholarship, and other procedures, in coordination with their concerned departments in the university college.

The missions:

1. Organize training programs (periodically) that qualify to enter international exams, which are conditional for admission to international universities.

2. Organizing specialized courses to enhance research capabilities.

3. Supporting teaching assistants and lecturers to obtain academic acceptance in distinguished universities.

4. Building effective global partnerships to achieve the set goals.

5. Facilitating scholarship procedures.

6. Preparing annual statistics for the current situation of the college's teaching assistants, lecturers, and scholarship students.

7. Establishing and developing a data platform for faculty assistants and lecturers.

8. Activating practical communication with the college's scholarship students.