History of the College


Turabah University College traces its origins to the creation in 1428 of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences at Turabah pursuant to Royal Order No. B/1093, dated 21/11/1428 H, following a recommendation by the Council of Higher Education in its 41st session to open branch campuses for Taif University in the provinces of Turabah, Al-Khurma, and Ranya. Classes at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences started in four departments: The Department of Clinical Microbiology, The Department of Health Information Management, The Department of Medical Biotechnology, and The Department of Veterinary Medicine. Enrollment began in the academic year 1429-1430 H, with 130 admissions – 73 males and 57 females.



The decisions of the Council of Higher Education stipulating the restructuring of the teaching colleges and faculties of education were approved by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in 1429 H. The Faculty of Education for Girls at Turabah was among many other similar institutions concerned by the restructuring policy. This faculty, which comprised scientific and literary tracks, was opened in 1422 in the Turabah Province and operated under the authority of the General Presidency for Girls’ Education. The scientific and literary tracks were integrated with the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences at Turabah into a new institution affiliated to Taif University called “Faculty of Education and Arts.” Seven specializations were adopted: Sharia (Islamic Law) and Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, Education and Psychology, Home Economics Science, English Language, and Kindergarten Education.

During the third Faculty Board meeting held on 16/4, 1430 H, it was decided that three more departments be opened, notably the Department of Clinical Laboratories, the Department of Physiotherapy, and the Department of Pharmaceutical Industries. The three new departments were approved and accredited by the concerned Authority and admissions to the Department of Clinical Laboratories which began in the academic year 1432-1433 H.           

In 1439 H, the Interim Committee for Universities authorized the restructuring of a number of Taif University’s faculties on the main and branch campuses. Order No. 34406 by His Excellency, the Rector was issued on 4/5, 1439 H, formally sanctioning the restructuring of four faculties at Taif University, including Turabah Branch, to operationalize the curriculum and academic transition program. In accordance with this Order, the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Turabah and the Faculty of Education and Arts at Turabah were integrated to form a single faculty called Turabah University College.