Scientific Research Unit


Excellence in the scientific research at the local and international levels



Developing the infrastructure that stimulates the scientific research, through the implementation of research projects and programs, and the preparation of distinguished cadres of researchers and their assistants, in effective partnership with various sectors of society.



  1. Effective contribution in achieving the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, by stimulating the process of distinguished scientific research publication and obtaining innovation awards and patents.
  2. Establishing and developing the infrastructure for scientific research at the University College of Turabah.
  3. Develop  research, creativity and innovation skills among faculty members.
  4. Motivating the faculty to conduct distinguished research in light of the priorities of scientific research at Taif University to achieve the needs of the local community, and  support the progress of the Taif University International Research Ranking.
  5. Enhancing the spirit of teamwork and integration among the faculty's employees that reflects positively on the university and the community.


1. Develop a general framework for a strategic plan for scientific research in the college that is consistent with the priorities of scientific research in the college and university.

2. Activate the direction for expanded research projects; By forming research teams, and encouraging joint research among researchers from one discipline or from several disciplines.

3. To benefit the community and its institutions from scientific research in the college, and to put in place mechanisms and ways to achieve this.

4. Conducting and publishing scientific research of quality, originality and innovation; In order to achieve the goals of building a knowledge society economy.

5. Holding seminars, training courses and workshops aimed at developing fields of scientific research.

6. Develop a strategy to encourage new faculty members and those returning from scholarships by integrating them into development programs related to scientific research activities, and working on their participation in working research teams.

7. Working on the students participation  in scientific research in order to prepare them for the new requirements of the labor market.

8. Strengthening cooperation with national, regional and international research centers by conducting joint research and sharing knowledge and experience.

9. Establishing a database of scientific research, researchers, and graduation projects.

10. Supporting the holding of scientific forums, conferences and workshops related to the specializations of the college departments and the community needs.

11. Supporting faculty members and students and encouraging them to participate and actively attend in local and international scientific forums to improve the quality of knowledge acquisition and openness to other universities.

12. Periodically submit recommendations and reports to the Excellency  Dean.