Department of Chemistry

Chemistry department origination:

     The department of chemistry has been established since 1431/1432 H. It is one of the largest departments of the college where its services extend to large sectors of students inside and outside the college.

     The department is equipped with the many labs equipment to meet educational and research purposes. Some of these laboratories are specially designed and include advanced equipment for chemical analysis. The department provides services to the rest of the college and some other faculties of the university in addition to service other sectors outside the university.

     In order to benefit from this laboratory potential and the scientific expertise and staff members of the department, the department previously to encourage scientific research and revitalization.


Achieving a prominent position among the departments of chemistry in Saudi Arabia through the formation and installation of a scientific program that keeps pace with the continuous global development in chemistry within the quality standards adopted locally and internationally so that it becomes one of the leading departments in the field of education and scientific research.


The department's mission includes preparing students who are scientifically and practically skilled in various fields of chemistry so that they become qualified national cadres that meet the needs of the labor market and contribute effectively to solving scientific and industrial problems facing the development plans in the Kingdom. And strive to provide sober and advanced scientific research.


  1. Achieving educational goals and outcomes that meet distinguished academic standards.
  2. Spreading knowledge in all fields of chemistry and working to apply it to serve society.
  3. Holding scientific activities (seminars, courses, discussion sessions, and workshops).
  4. Providing advanced scientific studies and research that serve the community.
  5. Conducting academic and applied scientific research to keep pace with the scientific development in chemistry.
  6. Preparing the necessary human cadres from graduates who work in several scientific fields.
  7. Exchange of scientific expertise and competencies with similar departments inside and outside the Kingdom.
  8. Providing technical and advisory services in the field of chemistry to the governmental and private sectors.