Social Responsibility Unit



The vision, mission, and objectives of the Community Service Unit stem from the college’s mission of excellence and leadership in creating a partnership and community development, developing community capabilities at the local and regional levels, and working to make the unit a stimulating environment for faculty members and those in their judgment to contribute to the community work that through it, an increase in the level of awareness of the two societies is achieved: the private university and the public life.

The message:

Highlight the role of the college in developing the capabilities of the community and its institutions through participation in providing awareness services to the local community with qualified cadres and high-quality technologies.

Objectives and tasks:

1. Determining the most important issues and problems of society, contributing to solving them, and encouraging distinguished initiatives through programs and activities that contribute to strengthening the ties between Turabah University College and the community, and developing the community's sense of voluntary work.

2. Encouraging faculty members to participate in community service.

3. Work on the participation of the parties related to the various programs in community service.

4. Participate in providing educational services to the community as needed.

5. Develop a sense of belonging to the community and motivate them to contribute to community service.

6. Exchange of information, expertise, and experience between the college and community institutions.

7. The college's interaction, represented by the Community Services Unit, with global events and events, such as National Day, International Teacher's Day, and others.

8. Contribute to the dissemination of the mutual interactive culture between the college and the community; to strengthen the sense of the college’s role in society, scientifically and educationally.

9. Contribute to the dissemination of initiatives and events in various community institutions.

10. Providing linguistic, guidance, educational, scientific, and research consultations to all sectors of society.

11. Providing an opportunity for faculty members and the like to benefit the various community institutions.

12. Enhancing communication and integration between the university college and government institutions to achieve common goals.

13. General supervision of the college's social responsibility projects, and continually evaluating their level.

14. Spreading the culture of social responsibility among the college's employees and providing a decent community work environment towards strengthening the relationship between the college and the community.