Department of Arabic

Foundation of the Department:

Arabic department was established in 1422-1423 A. H. and now follows Turabah University College.  


A pioneering Department in authenticating the Arabic language and literature studies confirming its authenticity and depth of structure.


Creating an educational environment that leads to the formation of specialized cadres that can serve religion, language and society.


  1. Developing the students’ linguistic faculties and critical appreciation.
  2. Enhancing and supporting the literary talents.
  3. Graduating distinctive and qualified cadres.
  4. Graduating new generations who are able to meet the needs of the labor market.
  5. Developing teaching methods and curricula according to accreditation and quality requirements.
  6. Encouraging the scientific research and the promotion of postgraduate studies.
  7. Conducting seminars and workshops that benefit the student and faculty member.

Career Areas for Department’s Alumni:

The Arabic Department is proud that many of its alumni hold important positions in public and private institutions. Foremost among these are the educational institutions at all different levels, and media institutions with all its types and various programs. This is in addition to the fields of rhetoric, literacy programs, and linguistic auditing.


The department offers a bachelor's program in Arabic language, and it cooperates in providing a number of general courses taught in other departments.

Head of the Department’s Statement:



Arabic Language is our identity, the mirror of our thought, and the key to our heritage. By the means of Arabic Language, we can express ourselves, and be integrated in our community. It is the secret of our civilization and socialization. Preserving our Arabic Language means preserving our identity, history, society and civilization. Adapting and developing Arabic Language according to the requirements of modern life is vital for this language as well as its users.

We took in charge - within the Arabic Language Department - ensuring for Arabic to remain the primary language for knowledge and education. This is accomplished through a qualitative academic program dedicated to achieve quality outcomes, and endorse the role of scientific research in a way that suits the needs of the labor market as well as Saudi Arabia's 2030 Vision. At the same time, this program can be subject of periodic improvement and development. 

Indeed, this program is supported by trainings, professional programs, and extra activities that equip students with life, scientific and professional skills that enable them to enter the labor market confidently.

This program is carried out by an advanced and specialized elite of teaching staff with distinguished scientific, academic and research talents.  This staff is ready to help you, and works collaboratively with an administration that is preoccupied with paving the way for you.


Head of the Arabic Language Department 

Dr. Talal Ahmad Althaqafi