Early Childhood Department


To become the most distinguished early childhood department that training and preparing  kindergarten teachers according to local and international standards, which suit Islamic values.


Graduation and rehabilitation of distinguished competencies in childhood to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare an integrated child in all educational, psychological, physical and health aspects, to be creative in all fields in accordance with international standards in the field of specialization.


  1. Preparation and rehabilitation of excellence kindergarten teachers characterized by high professionalism and the ability to interact cognitively and technically with their community and the area with great skill.
  2. Enriching professional knowledge in the region and the world by providing distinguished research in the field of early childhood and related fields in order to develop professional practices, in terms of quantity and quality, and following the development challenges in the Kingdom
  3. Development of the student's creative skills.

Message from the Chairman:

Through the vision of the Kingdom, and the mission and objectives of the department, and in light of the rapid developments in all fields, it has become necessary to keep pace with and pursue changes and developments in educational institutions and to prepare and qualify distinguished kindergarten teachers.  Kindergarten teachers are highly professional and are able to interact cognitively and technically with their community and with The era with high skill. As childhood is considered one of the most important stages of forming the personality of the individual in its various aspects and a basis for the progress of societies, which is needed in educational stage. 

The Department of Early Childhood includes distinguished members with high competences. They  contribute effectively to achieving all that the university seeks to become one of the leading universities at the local and international level by teaching students rich theoretical and specialization courses, as well as practically training in kindergartens.