Ancillary Studies

It is one of the affiliated units of the university college in Turabah, which is interested in directing students to study a number of compulsory and elective courses, which are determined by the Deanship of Supporting Studies at Taif University. Which came after a deep and intensive study of the requirements and requirements of the integrated preparation for students of the University of Taif, according to the program transformation program of the University.

The support studies unit under its umbrella includes two types of programs and courses:

  • General Requirements Programs and Courses.
  • English Language Programs and Courses.

With the aim of providing students with a range of advanced knowledge and skills. This can only be achieved through cooperation between the faculties and a specialized university at Taif University. It aims at drawing the general framework for the strategies and educational goals and implementing them in light of the current needs and the requirements of the labor market, in line with the plans of transformation and development of all aspects of the educational process in the Kingdom to keep up with the vision of 2030. A partnership linked to society and to the needs of the labor market.


The support unit of the University College of Turabah seeks to harmonize the vision of the university's Deanship with the vision of the university college in Turabah through excellence in providing general knowledge and developing the skills required to prepare the students of the university college in Turabah according to the local and international quality standards.

The message

Implementing the plan and objectives of the Deanship of Supporting Studies at Taif University in providing excellent and varied public academic programs through a teaching environment in the university college in Turabah, encouraging excellence and creativity and leading to community development, thus contributing to excellence in different disciplines.


  • Provide students with the learning experiences necessary for their success in their university studies.
  • Establishing Islamic values ​​and national identity in the life of university students.
  • Prepare distinguished graduates academically and professionally capable of creativity and continuous learning in different disciplines.
  • Seeking to strengthen the community partnership between the Support Studies Unit and community institutions.
  • Provide training programs and develop the competencies and skills of new students to deal with technology and e-learning management system.