Clubs and Student Activities Unit


That the Student Activities Unit be a high-quality environment by providing high quality services in student activities to be a motivator for male and female students to develop their skills and refine their expertise.



Contribution in the preparation and qualification of leadership students who are able to assume responsibility in advanced qualitative ways that stimulate learning and creativity, through active participation in student activities, for serving their religion, country, university community and local community, thus contributing to advancing the economy and national development.



  • Exploiting students' free time..
  • Giving students the opportunity to highlight their talents and abilities.
  • Development of team spirit and teamwork for members of the various activities.
  • Finding a communication channel between university students and the community.
  • Students meeting with each other, and the formation of purposeful fraternal relations.
  • Training students to volunteer and encourage them to do so.
  • Meeting and interaction between the university official and students.



  1. Implementation of the student activity plan and student clubs plan in the college.
  2. Contribute to the development of students' personality scientifically, practically, culturally and socially.
  3. Raising the degree of cognitive and cultural awareness among students, and raising their intellectual and behavioral level to achieve the interests of the nation.
  4. Organizing awareness sessions that include cultural and creative aspects of poetry, meetings and seminars aimed at increasing students' experiences.
  5. Holding various sports competitions between students of the various departments of the college.
  6. Participation in the university's various events and competitions.