Laboratory Unit

Vision :-

To achieve the vision of the university to be at the forefront of international universities in the fields of education by providing the latest equipment from the model laboratories that meet the requirements of academic accreditation.

Misson :-

Access to all college labs to the highest level of scientific equipment through the development of the applied side in the educational process and organize the use of technical and laboratory capabilities and expertise to interact with the current and future needs of the university.


  1. Achieve the vision and mission of the university to be in the ranks of international universities in the field of education and scientific services.
  2. Provide the best and latest equipment for laboratories
  3. Work to provide security and safety for students and laboratory workers
  4. Raise the level of performance of students in practice
  5. Enable students to benefit from the potential of laboratories and equipment
  6. To benefit from the experiences and opinions of similar bodies in this field


Functions of the unit:-

The unit is responsible for overseeing the college labs and developing developmental plans so that all the laboratories in the college become specialized in addition to preparing periodic reports on the laboratory needs, whether technical or material.