Occupational Safety and Health Unit


Providing occupational safety and health services according to the highest international standards, using the latest technologies.

The message:

Establishing a distinguished and effective system to provide occupational safety and health at the college, implementing highly efficient occupational safety and health plans and programs, and spreading awareness among the college’s employees.


1. Providing a university environment that achieves high levels of occupational safety and health, reduces risks and accidents, and supports the achievement of excellence in education and research operations and community service.

2. Enhancing the spirit of participation and cooperation between the college departments in implementing the occupational health and safety management system.

3. Prevent university losses; human, tangible, and intangible, and avoid harming the surrounding environment.

4. Build a culture of risk management and assessment and anticipate accidents and injuries.

The missions:

1. Adopt the rules, procedures, and technical instructions regarding the implementation of the safety policy in the college, the application of safety requirements and requirements, and the setting of occupational safety and health standards in laboratories and laboratories.

2. Implementation of fire prevention requirements inside the college, especially laboratories and laboratories.

3. Create a database for all highly dangerous chemicals in laboratories and laboratories.

4. Determining the college's needs for alarm devices, firefighting, and rescue, first aid, and firefighting equipment, and working to secure them permanently.

5. Follow up on periodic maintenance with the relevant authorities for alarm devices and their means, firefighting equipment, and first aid.

6. Continuous follow-up and permanent supervision of the application of occupational safety instructions.

7. Setting the necessary controls to ensure the commitment of students and faculty members to wear personal protective equipment inside the laboratories.

8. Ensure that there are no obstacles in front of: (exits and emergency exits, fire extinguishers, fire bell box, shower, and eyewash station in laboratories).

9. Ensure the emergency lighting is efficient; For the safety of college evacuation.

10. Ensure that laboratory rooms and laboratories have direct entrances; it does not have any obstruction to the external corridors or any other exit.

11. Ensure that all doors leading to laboratories and laboratories are marked with signs indicating the use of combustible or radioactive materials within this area.

12. Follow up on the disposal of medical waste according to scientific methods, and within the framework of occupational safety and health guidelines.

13. Develop training programs and workshops for students and faculty members; to introduce them to the basics of occupational safety and health within the college, especially laboratories and laboratories.

14. Periodically submit recommendations and reports to His Excellency the Dean.