Alumni Unit



Working on preparing a professionally qualified graduate to meet the requirements of the labor market; local, and international.

The message:

Develop the college’s graduates professionally and activate the university’s role in achieving cooperation between it and the community in a way that secures job opportunities for graduates and supports the labor market.


The unit aims to inventory and follow up on alumni affairs; By facilitating the student's transition from the educational environment to the practical environment and knowing their news and scientific and practical developments. In the interest of the unit to maintain a permanent and strong link with the graduates, and to enhance the spirit of belonging, and communication between the graduates and their university.

Unit tasks:

1. Preparing a database of graduates.

2. Establishing professional guidance committees in the departments according to practical methods that increase the efficiency of the graduate and guide them to prepare strong “files of achievement” that increase their competitive capabilities.

3. Developing and improving graduation projects in the various disciplines of the college to highlight the skills of students required by the labor market.

4. Suggest the necessary programs to develop the graduates' competencies and develop their scientific and practical skills.

5. Establishing partnerships between the university and the labor market that support graduates' access to employment opportunities.

6. Holding periodic meetings that coincide with the establishment of major investment projects in the Kingdom or abroad to study the possible opportunities for college graduates.