Examination and Parameters Unit


To make our unit one of the most important organized units in the college through excellence in supervising the affairs of examinations and thus contributing to the college’s excellence in the academic and scientific field.



Contribute to the preparation of distinguished graduates at the local, regional, and international levels, through a sophisticated assessment and examination system according to the highest quality standards to achieve the targeted educational outcomes.



  1. Implementation of the rules and regulations related to the mechanism of the conduct of examinations.
  2. Apply the necessary standards and specifications to build a good exam.
  3. Continuous evaluation of the educational process by achieving the quality of exams.
  4. Contribute to the implementation of the development plans for the exams to achieve the vision and mission of the college.
  5. Presenting special proposals that would raise the quality of the unit's work.
  6. Develop future strategies to develop the examination process mechanism.



  1. Coordinating with the departments in the college to prepare exam schedules.
  2. Quality management of exam questions.
  3. Follow up the processing of control and the formation of monitoring committees for the final exams.
  4. Develop an action plan to provide enough observers in the final exams.
  5. Supervision of the conduct of final exams.
  6. Coordinating with the scientific departments in relation to the affairs of final exams for students.
  7. Coordinating with other units of the testing process.
  8. Coordinating with the female students regarding the final exams.
  9. Periodic meeting with members of the exam’s unit and chairmen of the sub-committees to discuss the progress of the exams.
  10.  Preparation of invigilation schedules of final exams for all students.
  11.  Coordinating with the various related parties within the college regarding the final exams (maintenance management - security and safety)
  12.  Provide the necessary requirements for tests. (Supported Forms)
  13.  Distributing the invigilators from the members of the Central Committee to the exams halls of the sections and uploading daily reports.
  14.  Preparing reports on results for approval by the Dean of the College.
  15.  Participate in the preparation of the annual report of the college regarding the quarterly and final exams.