Development and Quality Unit


Excellence in academic development and quality assurance in both academic and administrative spheres.


Spreading a culture of quality in the college, consolidating its practice, upgrading and continuous improvement of educational, research and administrative performance, and achieving academic accreditation for all academic programs at Turabah University College.



  1. Establishing and developing an internal quality system.
  2. Preparing the college to meet the requirements and standards of quality assurance.
  3. Developing  and implementing plans that ensure the achievement of quality standards and academic accreditation.
  4. Encouraging participation of faculty and staff in institutional work and self-evaluation to ensure quality.
  5. Creating development plans and employ them to serve the educational and research processes and the college's community partnership.
  6. Supervising and reviewing the annual review of academic programs and, submitting reports to the Dean of the College.
  7. Monitoring and reviewing the annual self-evaluation reports, and the extent of commitment to the developmental and procedural plans within the planed time frame.
  8. Popularizing methods of development, improvement, evaluation, analysis, and control within the college for all academic activities in partnership with all the different departments of the college.
  9. Creating a database and information center for all academic and administrative units that are useful in making decisions and raising the quality of the educational process.
  10. Developing academic work in line with the university's strategic goals and plans.
  11. Striving to achieve national and international academic accreditation for the college's programs.