Department of Physics


Excellence in teaching and scientific research in the field of physics and community service locally and internationally.


Prepare highly qualified graduates in the field of physics to serve the community


  • To Provide distinguished and advanced study program in the field of physics sciences and applications.
  • To meet the needs of the labor market of trained and qualified national graduates.
  • To support and encourage graduate studies and scientific research to find scientific solutions to the problems of society. 
  • To strengthen cooperation between the department and the corresponding academic and scientific research centers.
  • To Provide sources of knowledge and modern technology to develop graduates abilities in innovation, leadership and self-learning.
  • To attract distinguished faculty members.


BSc of Physics.

Message by the Department Head

Physics is the science of interpreting and characterizing natural phenomena and knowing the laws that govern the universe from the atom to the galaxy, as this science deals with cosmic properties that can be measured such as force, energy, mass and charge. The science of physics is considered one of the oldest sciences, it is from the days of the Greek philosophers through. Considering the university administration's constant keenness to develop scientific plans in the various departments, the department of physics developed a comprehensive study plan consistent with the requirements of this orientation, after completing this plan within eight semesters the student, will receive a Bachelor of Science degree in physics according to the objectives set of physics programs. Finally, I thank the university administration for its continuous support to provide the Department's work requirements and all the contributors and actors in the development of the department, also I thanks and appreciation my colleagues, the employees in physics department and the administration of the University College of Turabah.