Innovation and Entrepreneurship unit



Preparing the educational environment to be able to promote creativity and embrace pioneering ideas and projects.


Spreading the culture of pioneering work, providing the necessary support for talented and innovators, and encouraging distinguished initiatives to serve the Kingdom’s vision 2030 and stimulate the national economy.



  1. Spreading the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at the college and community levels, through: lectures, seminars, educational flyers, exhibitions, competitions, and advertising programmes.
  2. Providing training programs and specialized workshops; To qualify college students, graduates and entrepreneurs to start, develop and market innovative projects.
  3. Review the experiences of leading figures in the field of innovation, in order to motivate students to pioneer work and build small and medium enterprises.
  4. Providing consultations on investment opportunities, feasibility studies and a geographical investment map.
  5. Establishing business incubators in the college to guide owners of creative ideas and pioneering projects.
  6. Discovering creative students in the college, encouraging them, developing their talents, supporting their ideas and innovations and transforming them into products or commercial projects.
  7. Introducing the concept of intellectual property and the need to protect it, and helping students with pioneering ideas to register their patents.