Innovation and Entrepreneurship unit


Search for evolution  in development of talent, innovation and entrepreneurship in the university  community,  and   work  in  harmony  with  the   policies  and   plans   for  the development of the  programs  for  the  national  transformation of 2020 and  the vision of the Saudi  kingdom 2030    


Work on planning,  developing  and implementing students  initiatives  to contribute   to  their nation  and  serve  their  community. Also  highlight  their  innovations  and  adopt   them  through  projects  and   creative    work  in  the  fields. Providing  them with  a range  of   personal  and   community  skills   and   deepening   the  values  of cooperation, competition, innovation and entrepreneurship.



  1. Providing   students  with  the  opportunity  to highlight  their   talents  through  innovation and entrepreneurship.
  2. Encoouraging students to lead and build small businesses.
  3. Spreading the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at  the university  and             community level.
  4. Educating  and training students in the areas of talent and sponsoring.
  5. Contributing to the development of a distinguished generation of entrepreneurs.
  6. Creating  job  opportunities  by  motivating  university  graduates  and students to establish simple projects within the university. 
  7. Developing  the  areas  of  talent, innovation  and  leadership  thinking  among students,  faculty and administrative structure.
  8. Promoting the principle of community partnership  by supporting new  thought         projects  to  serve  students,  graduates  and  their families, and projects that are           compatible with the labor market.
  9. Promoting  the  importance  and   protection  of  intellectual   property  culture
  10. Holding  forums  and  programs  awareness  and  advertising  periodic  talent,  innovation and entrepreneurship magazines.
  11. Preparing  the  integrated  models of  the  technical  aspects and studies of the economic feasibility of small innovative  projects  and presenting  them  to the  university.




The idea  behind  the  initiative is  to establish  projects and  provide  financial  and strategic support for your project, giving you the necessary advice and guidance for its success. 


#Know_your_ college

This  initiative  is  manifested  by  introducing   new  students  to  their college  and lecture halls and advising them on everything they need throughout their university studies and by forming student groups that carry out this responsibility.


  #your_voice_is _heard

Voices, opinions, proposals and wishes of  the university students are  important so we launch the initiative to students to speak out.  Hence  they have  the  freedom to speak and talk about everything that interest them and would like to talk about.



The wisdom Hour initiative will be hosted by those  who  have the word, creativity, talent,   innovation   and   experience   that   students    will   benefit    from    their experiences and innovations.


#Your_ consultant

A guiding initiative for family, health, educational and psychological problems and all that the student needs throughout her/his university enrollment.