Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

The Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences was established in the year 1439 - 1440 AH. Since then it has proven to be one of the leading departments of the college that contributes to enriching the Saudi society by graduating Saudi cadres at the highest level of training and efficiency. This was achieved by qualifying students according to integrated theoretical and applied scientific programs and training them on Modern scientific Techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The efficiency of male and female students is also raised and their scientific and technical skills are refined through training workshops for laboratory specialists and intensive training in hospitals and health units in the governorate.



Achieving excellence in clinical laboratory sciences and contribution to community service


The message:

Preparing qualified laboratory specialists who can contribute to health services and scientific research with the aim of developing society



The objectives of the clinical laboratory science program are to graduate qualified clinical laboratory specialists who have the following qualities:

  1. Knowledge and skills insuring their professional efficiency.
  2. The ability to participate in clinical laboratory research.
  3. Commitment to the ethical, humane and cultural values ​​of patient care.
  4. The ability to support the community through continuous awareness and efficient provision of health care services


Fields of occupation

The Graduates of Clinical Laboratory Sciences Department has the competencies to work in the various fields of clinical laboratories, which carry out wide varieties of analyzes and tests in order to diagnose and monitor various diseases and following up the of patients health.

Graduates of the Clinical Laboratory Sciences Department can work in the following places: