Field Training Committee


Develop the capabilities of the college’s students and qualify them in the professional and practical aspects to keep pace with and advance the labor market in society



Provide the opportunity for students to train in various institutions of the local community to provide them with skills for practical application of their academic studies and to break the gap between theoretical and applied studies to graduate students capable of creativity, excellence, and advancement of their institutions.



  1. Develop policies and procedures for field training, taking into account the needs and objectives of academic programs.
  2. Communicate with public and private sectors in order to identify the training opportunities available to the students of the college.
  3. Unify work procedures in field training in different departments, taking into account the nature of each program..
  4. Review the training programs proposed by the training entities to determine their suitability for the students.
  5. Follow-up and submit periodic reports on  the progress of students’ field training.
  6. Conduct  field visits in cooperation with the scientific departments at the college to oversee the students failed training progress..
  7. Provide the academic programs of the college with feedback on the relationship between the theoretical reality, the field training of academic courses and the needs of the labor market.
  8. Organize periodic meetings with the trainee students to find out what has been accomplished of the field training plan