Department of English

A Welcome from the Chair:

     I would like to welcome you to your Department of English. This department is committed to serving students by offering them the opportunity to receive first-class education in English language, literature, linguistics and translation.

     With our vision based on reaching the excellence of education, we pride ourselves on maintaining high quality levels of instruction, evaluation and out-of-class activities. Our staff members, holding high assorted academic degrees from universally acknowledged universities in Applied and Theoretical Linguistics, English and American literature, TEFL, and Translation Studies, take pleasure in managing professional teaching process, supervising and guiding their students as well as conducting scholarly research in their fields of study. They are genuinely dedicated to making their students' learning experience magnificently constructive and fruitful.         

     The Department of English at Turabah University College aspires to assume a place of national and regional leadership of English departments. To attain this goal, we invest heavily in our distinguished faculty members, revise and improve our programs and study plans regularly, and adopt up-to-date teaching methods and aids and assessment strategies and tools. 

     We look forward with added enthusiasm to seeing you and helping you contribute significantly to our local and regional communities and build knowledge society.

 Dr. Sami Jameel Althumali

Head of the English Department

Translation studies and functional linguistics

Fellow of the HEA




The English language Department aspires to play a leading role at the local and regional levels in the educational, training and research fields related to the English language, in addition to serving the local and national community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.   



The Department of English at the University College in Turabah provides advanced theoretical and applied knowledge to teach the basic skills of the English language in addition to its literature, linguistics and translation. The graduates of the department are well prepared to keep pace with the requirements of the labor market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so they can work in fields such as education, translation, tourism and others. Undoubtedly, the department's mission coincides with the mission of Taif University, which is to provide distinguished quality education for students, conduct academic research and serve the local community, which contributes to achieving the Kingdom's 2030 vision towards sustainable development.  


  1. Meeting the requirements of the job market concerning English language in order to achieve the sustainable social development embodied in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
  2. Producing graduates who are able to use English  proficiently and professionally.
  3. Producing graduates with deep understanding of the linguistic and literary aspects of the English language.
  4. Providing students with basic training to translate different types of texts.
  5. Serving the national and regional community through offering distinctive expertise and consultations.
  6. Opening avenues of constructive intercultural dialogue with English-speaking nations.


The Department of English offers a bachelor's program in English Language.

Graduate Attributes:

  • Core Knowledge: Knowledge of the various sub-fields of the English language.
  • Communicative Skills: Effective communication using English language.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Think analytically and critically in solving various English language-related problems. 
  • Ethics, Independence and Collaboration: Work independently and collaboratively in carrying out assignments and projects in English.
  • IT Skills: Use of basic IT skills in carrying out assignments/projects in English.

Program Learning Outcomes:




Demonstrate an understanding of the main regional, social, and historical variation and change of the English Language.


Describe the various ways in which English is learned and taught.


Identify major literary genres, schools and historical periods of English language and literature, focusing on the relationship between text and context.


Recognize the literary devices used in a variety of English literary texts.



Communicate accurately using English oral and written forms. 


Analyze the linguistic structure of English.


Apply appropriate theoretical and critical approaches to analyze English literary text.


Produce accurate and appropriate English-Arabic-English translations of different text types.


Employ the acquired skills to analyze literary language, including figurative and stylistic usage.



Use information technology skills in writing and presenting their works, and in accessing electronic information.


Carry out subject-oriented assignments and projects independently and collaboratively.

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