The Event of kinetic Stories for Children

Date : 2023-01-10 Time : 10:00:00
place : الكلية الحامعية بتربة - شطر الطالبات - المبني الرئيسي

In the presence of Her Excellency Vice Dean, Dr. Fawzia Al-Baqami, with the participation of the Early Childhood Department students, the Student Activities Unit at the University College of Tarabah organized an event titled "Kinetic Stories for Children" on Tuesday at ten AM.  (10/1/2023) at the college lobby (female section) supervised by Dr. Al Amira Issa. Since kinetic stories are regarded as one of the fascinating and thrilling techniques that fully improve children’s awareness, the event's goals were to teach children the basic and primary movements and to support their social maturity holistically.