Economics & Finance Department

The Department of Economics and Project Management and the Investment and Finance Section were established with the establishment of the College. The two departments were merged into one department under the name of the Department of Economics and Finance after reference comparisons with accredited local, regional and international universities. Moreover, the economy and finance in its various specialties represent the most important sectors in the field of business and meet the needs of the labor market, and there may be no functional sector, either in the public or private sectors, which does not require specialists in management, under this particular name, as well as the new orientation according to the vision of the Kingdom 2030, Encouraging Saudization, which requires the availability of national competencies capable of filling the specific functions within the various economic sectors, in order to contribute to the process of sustainable development.

The Department of Economics and Finance is linked to the objectives of the College and its mission in terms of emphasis on quality and excellence of the outputs of the department to serve the local and Arab labor market within the disciplines of economics and finance. In another respect, the department is related to the objectives, vision and mission of the college in terms of scientific research. In terms of scholarship and training.