Vice-Dean word

I would like to welcome the visitors of the website of the College of Business Administration at Taif University. Since the College establishment, the college is keen to be considered as a beacon of knowledge and to be one of the leading faculties that contribute effectively to its students and graduates. The college is also aiming to be the cornerstone of the flourishment of the region by investing in the most qualified members of staff that contribute well and meet the demands in the industry.
The college through its all departments is rich by its professionals and qualified practitioners with wide range of educational background. As well, it is also rich by its exceptional graduated scholarship students whose holding senior positions since their return from the scholarship and taking part of the renaissance of the country and to achieve the vision of 2030.
The college is committed to provide all the necessary services, infrastructure, and equipment that meet the needs of the students to help them through their learning journey and shape their future effectively. Besides, the college through its partnerships with the various agencies in the business industry, is aiming to have a profound impact on raising the level of education and its consequences on its students and graduates.
I wish to our college more success, progress, and advancement and to be a major part of the development process witnessed by the Kingdom.
Vice Dean of the College of Business Administration
Dr. Khalid Kamal Alsubhi