Accounting Department

About the Department :

The Accounting Department was established with the establishment of the College of Business Administration in (year ). It aims to provide the students  with the latest information and developing their Accounting knowledge.  According to the degree plan, student should complete 135 hours to obtain a bachelor degree in Accounting.


The vision of the Department of Accounting at the Taif University is to achieve  leadership in Accounting field by graduating the best professional students locally and regionally, and to create and expand a research environment that enhance Accounting studies.


The mission of the Department of Accounting at the Taif University is to provide the industry with its needs of specialized Accountants who are able to compete in the Accounting field through distinguished academic programs.



  • Providing students with academic and professional knowledge in all areas of Accounting.

  • Providing students with the ability to understand the ethical and professional aspects associated with Accounting and Auditing, and the ability to take professional responsibility.

  • Providing students with the ability to understand and operate the Accounting system and review it. Moreover, prepare and review financial reports in accordance with local and international Accounting and Auditing standards.

  • Developing  the capabilities of students to research, analyze, diagnose, and solve the Accounting problems. Furthermore, developing plans, strategies and operational programs on sound scientific basis using modern technologies.

  • Building a strategic partnership between the department and the business community to  support the programs of the department, and to recruit students after graduation.

  • Obtaining the academic accreditation of the program from local and international bodies.

  • Preparing students for postgraduate studies, scientific research and  help them to obtain higher academic degrees.

  • Preparing students to attain local and international professional certificates.