Accounting Department

Department head’s speech

     Accounting is the language of finance and business, and it is a necessary tool for communicating financial information between organizations and individuals. It plays a vital and important role in determining wealth, profitability, and liquidity. It determines growth and stability in any organization. From this standpoint, the accounting profession has received great attention from the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by the establishment of specialized professional associations and the establishment of accounting specializations in Saudi universities and educational institutions. The bachelor’s program in the Accounting Department at Taif University, as one of these departments, seeks to contribute to strengthening and developing the role of the accounting profession in By graduating accounting cadres who have the professional competence necessary to meet the challenges and keep pace with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, as well as providing various scientific research activities to contribute to the development of the professional field of accounting. The department hopes that this guide will help provide the necessary information about the role of the Accounting Department at Taif University in enhancing the role of the accounting profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Head of Accounting Department

Dr.. Ayman bin Hassan Bazhair

An introductory overview of the department:

     The Accounting Department was established in conjunction with the establishment of the College of Business Administration at the university, with the aim of providing students with the latest accounting information and developing their professional capabilities, as those enrolled in the department’s program are required to study and pass (129) hours of study according to the approved plans to obtain a bachelor’s degree in accounting. The Accounting Department is linked to the college’s goals and mission in terms of emphasizing the quality and excellence of the department’s outputs in a way that serves the labor market within the framework of developments in the profession. From another angle, the department is linked to the goals, vision, and mission of the college with regard to scientific research, and the orientation to address applied and new topics in the field of the profession, as well as in terms of scholarships. And training, as the accounting specialty is viewed as one of the social sciences that is distinguished by providing financial reports, reviewing financial data and analyzing them to present them to beneficiary parties to assist them in making various types of decisions, whether for profit or for non-profit purposes. The Saudi economy receives unlimited attention and support from the state, may God protect it. To build a knowledge economy and build Saudi companies that contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s policies and strengthening the components of the national economy. Therefore, it was necessary to work on supplying the Saudi market with qualified national competencies in the field of accounting and auditing to contribute to supporting financial and administrative practices with qualified cadres. In view of the market needs for national cadres in the field of accounting and auditing, the need can be explored to establish a bachelor’s program in accounting that is affiliated with the department, as the labor market in the Kingdom is in constant need of accounting and auditing graduates, especially in light of the economic developments and expansion that the Kingdom is witnessing in various fields. This calls for the establishment of such a program, to achieve the Kingdom’s policies and aspirations in qualifying national cadres. Therefore, the program aims to provide students with accounting and ethical concepts, principles, and standards in the field of accounting and auditing. It also plays a role in developing their skills to research, analyze, and diagnose accounting problems and the ability to solve them, and to develop executive plans, strategies, and programs on sound scientific foundations using modern technologies. The department also adopts building strategic partnerships with the local business community, which is reflected in supporting the department’s programmes, employing students after their graduation, as well as qualifying them to obtain professional certificates in the field of accounting and auditing.

  Vision :

    Achieving excellence by graduating the best professional cadres in the fields of accounting and auditing, at the level of education and scientific research, to keep pace with the changes and challenges imposed by the business environment.

The message :

Providing the labor market with qualified human competencies in the fields of accounting and auditing, and promoting and stimulating scientific research; To develop human resources and contribute to building society.


  • Justice and honesty, in providing the best curricula and using advanced academic methods.
  • Teamwork among department members to achieve the goals required for the college and the department.
  • Social responsibility towards society and the requirements of the professional market.
  • Scientific analysis of the profession’s environment and participation in its development and improvement.


  • Providing students with concepts and foundations in all areas of accounting.
  • Providing students with the ability to understand the technical and ethical aspects associated with accounting and auditing, and the ability to assume professional responsibility.
  • Providing students with the ability to understand, operate and review the accounting system, and prepare and review financial reports in accordance with accounting and auditing standards (IFRSs-IPSASs)
  • Preparing graduates capable of preparing financial statements and final accounts for business organizations in accordance with accounting standards, analyzing financial statements and presenting them to decision makers.
  • Developing students’ abilities to research, analyze and diagnose accounting problems and the ability to solve them, and to develop plans, strategies and executive programs on sound scientific foundations using modern technologies.

Areas of employment:

    A graduate of the program can work in the following specialized fields in both the private and public sectors as follows:

  • Internal audit.
  • External review.
  • Accounting departments.
  • financial management.
  • Costs and budgets departments.
  • Performance oversight, governance and compliance departments.