Management Information System

About the department

(includes its origins, development and relationship with other departments of the college and other colleges within the university.)

The department of management information systems was established with the establishment of the college, and aims to provide the student with the latest information and develop his abilities in the field of management information systems, and the student must study 131 modules according to the approved plans for a bachelor's degree in the specialty of administrative informationsystems.

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Prepare a generation capable of managing data and information with the development and innovation of information technology to solve administrative problems and help the decision maker

The message

qualified distinguished cadres that meet the needs of the labor market, able to deal with modern management information systems and their applications in different business areas, while providing a distinct scientific research environment

Department objectives

  • preparing a distinguished student in the field of administrative information systems.
  • improving the quality of the program in accordance with quality standards and academic accreditation.
  • contribute to meeting the needs of the saudi labor market in partnership with the business community.
  • develop and review the program periodically to keep pace with the changes in the business field.
  • improving program inputs (students, faculty, facilities and equipment).