Management Information System

Department Chair's Speech:
With the launch of Vision 2030 for our beloved country, there is a noticeable radical change in the concept of business, business systems operations and their analysis at the level of the public (government) and private sectors, especially at the level of the government sector. Digital transformation programs have contributed to improving technology infrastructure at all levels of business in the public sector. Where there has become a distinct digital transformation, which has led to an increase in the level of competition between sectors to raise productivity and improve production and operational efficiency and analysis of business systems processes to help in the decision-making process, to name a few. The mechanism and criteria for completing, completing and following-up tasks, as well as raising the quality of government business outputs submitted to the citizen or resident.
Here emerges the role of the management information systems department in completing business successes and achieving goals efficiently and effectively. Where the outputs of the management information systems specialization contribute to supporting the sustainable development process and keeping pace with the requirements of the wise vision. This is done by preparing human cadres to meet the demands of the business sector and fill any possible gap in the requirements of the business market. Due to the rapid change in the types of technologies used and the tremendous development of them, which is accompanied by a set of challenges for businesses to accomplish the tasks and duties previously prepared, there is a need for a cadre familiar with technology and its developments, especially with regard to managing information systems, analyzing business processes, and applying business intelligence techniques as well as having basic concepts and knowledge in Diversified business fields, which makes him a distinguished and desirable cadre in the business sector.
To achieve this, the department has a distinguished constellation of faculty members at the level of both parts of the department, who have the ability and competence to provide the required skills to students and also provide them with knowledge that helps them enter the business sector in a distinctive and flexible way to meet the requirements of the labor market.


Head of Management Information Systems Department
Dr.. Nawaf bin Mohsen Al-Humaidi

Speech by Vice President of Management Information Systems
In the name of God and thank God and peace and prayers over the most honorable prophets and messengers

We welcome you to the website of the Department of Management Information Systems at the Faculty of Business Administration at Taif University, which aims to provide those interested in this discipline with detailed information about the department, its objectives and educational philosophy. 

The Department of Management Information Systems aims to achieve Saudi Arabia's vision 2030 in digital transformation by graduating national academic cadres linking it systems and technology with business management and organizations and contributing to the needs of the labor market and this section is interested in contributing community to sustainable professional development and raising the level of human skills in the field of information technology and enterprise management.

Vice President, Management Information Systems

Dr. Latifa Al-Zahrani

About the department


(includes its origins, development and relationship with other departments of the college and other colleges within the university.)

The department of management information systems was established with the establishment of the college, and aims to provide the student with the latest information and develop his abilities in the field of management information systems, and the student must study 131 modules according to the approved plans for a bachelor's degree in the specialty of administrative informationsystems.

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The program aims to prepare distinguished graduates with the necessary skills in the field of management information systems and to provide distinguished scientific research in accordance with international standards of academic quality, in addition to contributing to community service in the relevant fields and in line with the Kingdom’s vision 2030.

The message

qualified distinguished cadres that meet the needs of the labor market, able to deal with modern management information systems and their applications in different business areas, while providing a distinct scientific research environment



  • The department is committed to applying high quality education in an environment that promotes and encourages ethical behavior.
  • The department practices teamwork and teamwork in all its activities.
  • Responding to the needs of the labor market through continuous updating and development of the program, as well as teaching strategies

Department objectives

  • preparing a distinguished student in the field of administrative information systems.
  • improving the quality of the program in accordance with quality standards and academic accreditation.
  • contribute to meeting the needs of the saudi labor market in partnership with the business community.
  • develop and review the program periodically to keep pace with the changes in the business field.
  • improving program inputs (students, faculty, facilities and equipment).