Exams and Measures Unit

Exams and Measures Unit
This unit organizes Exam committees, distribute invigilators in the period of Exams, receive Exam sheets from other colleges, Midterm Exams, and Makeup Exams, as well as a general analysis of the results of the midterm and final Exams, measuring outline objectives of academic programs.
The unit is working under the supervision of the Deanship of Business College.
Conducting Exams in accordance with high quality.
Developing an integrated and sophisticated system for evaluating students with continuous quality.
The unit aims to prepare standards and how to build bank database for questions, as well as how to codify the psychological standards used by specialists in this area.
  • Follow-up of exams in the college.
  • Study cases of students such as fraud or attempted cheating in the exams.
  • Distribution of observers to the halls that need it.
  • Preparation for exams and distribution of assignments on the sections.
  • Studying the conditions of the exams in terms of follow-up and proposing developmental methods.
  • Prepare a list of standards and specifications for building exams.
  • Holding lectures and seminars to discuss the visions of individuals in exams and psychological standards.
Team work members:
Exams members inside all college departments are included in the unit