quality of professional life unit


That the work environment and the career life of the academic and administrative cadres at the college be a positive and productive work environment, within the framework of the Quality of Life Program - Vision 2030.

the message:

Apply the concept of quality of professional life in the college to build a more productive and effective professional environment; Through refining the skills and enriching the necessary concepts for its members; To raise their level of professional satisfaction.


Setting frameworks and standards for the government of academic and administrative work.
Identifying the professional, academic, technical, information and training needs, which in turn improve the work environment in the college.
Create introductory guides to the tasks and responsibilities assigned to the employees.
Establish periodic indicators to measure progress in the quality of professional life in the college.
Preparing reports for the follow-up of the college's development plans.
Promote the concept of professional happiness, because employee happiness will be positively reflected in achieving the mission and vision of the organization better, which contributes and helps raise the quality of life.
Thank you initiative application.