Marketing department

Marketing Head Speech:

In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. I welcome visitors to the Marketing Department page on the College of Business Administration website.

Marketing is a major factor in the success of both profit and non-profit organizations. Marketing is closely related to various other sciences, as it is considered an art, science and management. The importance of marketing science lies in understanding and interpreting different human behaviors in order to identify the different needs and desires that it aims to satisfy and achieve satisfaction. In view of the changing acceleration in the business environment, the importance of the science of marketing in preparing studies and marketing research and contributing to the preparation and development of strategic and marketing plans, which contributes to achieving the objectives of the public enterprise and providing services and products that meet the various categories of customers, has become evident.

Since the inception of the college, the Department of Marketing, along with the rest of the other scientific departments, has received the attention of the college administration and its keenness on the development of the department in a way that serves the local community and contributes to its development. He asked the Almighty God for the continued advancement, progress and success of the Marketing Department in serving female students and contributing to enhancing their competitive abilities and skills.

Dr.. Majed bin Saad Al Marwani

Head of Marketing Department


About the department:

The Department of Marketing originated with the inception of the College of Business Administration. Since the inception of the department, the marketing department has endeavored to harmonize its strategic plans and objectives in line with the plans and objectives of the college and to enhance its outputs in line with the requirements of the stage. The department offers a bachelor's program in Marketing, through which it seeks to provide students with modern marketing concepts and theories in a way that keeps pace with the changes and challenges in the business environment. In addition, the department, in cooperation with the Applied College, offers a diploma program in marketing, through which it seeks to provide male and female students with basic marketing skills, train them and prepare them for various marketing challenges.

In view of the developments in the business environment and in order to achieve the Kingdom’s vision 2030 in investing and qualifying cadres, the Marketing Department seeks to add two tracks to the bachelor’s program, which are the “Tourism Marketing Track” and the “Digital Marketing Track,” through which the department seeks to benefit from one of the most important areas of competitive advantage at the University. Taif and qualifying national cadres capable of creating and leading successful businesses that enhance the fields of tourism and digital communication to diversify the base of the national economy.

Moreover, to make the most of the distinguished cadres owned by the department, the Marketing Department seeks to establish a "Postgraduate Program in Marketing and Digital Communication" and a "Professional Diploma Program in Advertising and Marketing Communication", through which it seeks, through these programs, to keep abreast of developments in various areas of marketing And preparing a distinguished generation that contributes to building development by providing a stimulating and innovative educational environment, and effective research and societal contributions, supported by academic competencies with outstanding scientific capabilities. In addition, the Marketing Department seeks to obtain academic accreditation through the governance of the academic and administrative work in the department, application of quality, accreditation and development standards, and striving to provide the best academic and training services in line with the directions of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030



Leadership and excellence in building a knowledge society in the field of marketing sciences locally and internationally.


the message:

Preparing and qualifying competencies specialized in the field of marketing, who have the ability to innovate, develop and compete in the labor market in various marketing fields.



Role models


Develop students’ abilities to research, analyze and diagnose marketing problems and the ability to solve them, and develop plans, strategies and executive programs on sound scientific foundations using modern technologies.
Develop marketing culture, ethical marketing awareness and communication skills for both students and practitioners.
Building a strategic partnership between the department and the business community, which will be reflected in supporting the department's programs and employing students after their graduation.
Continuous development of courses to keep pace with economic developments and meet the needs of organizations and society.
Attracting distinguished and specialized academic elements to work in the department and develop their research and academic skills in order to provide the best learning opportunities for students and contribute to community service.

Expected practical areas for graduates of the program:

Head of Marketing Department
Head of Research and Marketing Studies Department
Sales department manager
Director of Advertising and Public Relations Department
Director of distribution and supply department
Sales Team Manager and Customer Service Officer
Search engine optimization manager
User Experience Designer
Digital Marketing Manager
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Analyst
digital marketer