Marketing department

About Marketing Department

The Department of Marketing was established with the establishment of the College. It aims at providing the student with the latest information and developing his accounting abilities. The student should study 131 units according to the approved plans for obtaining a bachelor's degree in marketing specialization.

The marketing department is linked to the objectives of the college and its mission in terms of emphasis on quality and excellence of the outputs of the department to serve the local and Arab labor market in the framework of marketing disciplines. In other respects, the department is linked to the objectives, vision and mission of the college in terms of scientific research, Scholarships and training


The Marketing Department strives to achieve leadership by graduating the best professional staff in the field of marketing locally and internationally.


Preparing and qualifying the human resources specialized in marketing capable of innovation, development and competition in the labor market in different marketing fields through distinguished academic programs


  1. Develop the capabilities of students to research, analyze and diagnose marketing problems and the ability to solve them, and develop plans, strategies and operational programs on the basis of scientific sound using modern technologies.
  2. a growing number of outstanding public education graduates to the marketing department.
  3. Attracting distinguished and specialized academic staff to work in the department and develop their research and academic skills in order to provide the best learning opportunities for students and contribute to the service of the community.
  4.  Building a strategic partnership between the department and the business community, reflected in supporting the programs of the department, and recruiting students after graduation.