Fashion and Textile Design Program



Fashion and Textile Design Program message:

The Fashion and Textile Design program seeks to "prepare distinguished female graduates in the field of fashion industry and implementation who have the creativity required to meet the needs and aspirations of the labor market." At the end of the program, the female graduates will be able to develop the concepts, scientific knowledge and skills related to textile fibers, materials and fabrics, dyeing and printing them, textile compositions and equipment, and the ability to design fashion and clothing and their supplements according to fashion lines and furnishings and decorate them with manual, mechanical and traditional embroidery methods, the ability to build and prepare basic and design patterns (patterns) And industrial clothes are age groups and various occasions, and the production of readymade clothes (individual - industrial). The department seeks to develop and modernize scientific research and follow modern scientific methods in the field of design and production of fashion and textile, in all aspects and strive to achieve the Kingdom's 2030 vision for self in the field of the fashion industry And textiles Fields of work for the department's female graduates 1_Teaching with academic work in universities, general education and professional technical education. 2_Appointment to specialized research centers for the production of textiles with special specifications. 3_Join the Saudi General Authority for Metrology and Specifications . 4_Self-employment in the fields of small projects in the production of clothes and . furnishings 5_In the field of training centers for quality control and development 6_Self-employment in vocational training in the field of ready-made clothes and furnishings 7_Self-employment in fashion design and participation in theaters 8_Working in factories of woven clothes and furnishings of all kinds Program Goals: 1_Providing a specialized academic curriculum that does not contradict the principles of Islamic law and the culture of Saudi society 2_Interacting with the local community and preserving the environment and national identity 3_The ability to keep abreast of technological developments in the field of fashion and textile design 4_The ability to develop technical and professional skills in fashion and textile design 5_Enabling the student to have professional opportunities and the job market in the field of fashion and textile design 6_Providing an educational environment that contributes to creativity, scientific research and development in the field of specialization