Department of Biotechnology

        The Department of Biotechnology was established as one of the main academic departments in the Faculty of Education and Science at Taif University, Al-Khorma Branch (for students and students) in 1429/1430. Due to the requirements of the labor market, the department was restructured under the name of General Biology Program for students in 1434/1435 .


           The preparation of a distinguished student in terms of ethics, science and technology to keep abreast of modern developments and to achieve quality standards for competition at the local, regional and global levels.


         Building concepts and mechanisms that enable us to improve the quality of the educational program and continuously develop it to comply with standards and systems that are appropriate to the Saudi society and the development of educational programs to achieve sustainable development.


 1- Teaching Applied and Advanced Sciences

 2- Develop programs and provide an environment for scientific research aimed at serving the community.

 3- Provide a distinctive curriculum for teaching and learning of high quality that encourages interactive thinking and innovation leading to the development of applied skills.

 4- Provide distinguished cadres and qualified scientifically and practically.

 5- Raise the quality of education and its continuous development to achieve quality standards to meet the needs of local, regional and international markets.

 6- Improving and protect the environment and conserving natural resources.