Academic Program Development


Excellence in the academic performance of the faculty in different disciplines and continuous development according to local and international standards.


Offering distinguished and diverse academic programs through an educational and research environment that encourages excellence and creativity to lead the community development to achieve the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


1. Preparing generations that are conscious of their religious and cultural values ​​and establishing loyalty to the homeland.


2. Prepare outstanding outputs capable of creativity and continuous learning in different disciplines.

3. To provide leading study programs in accordance with international standards of quality and accreditation.

4. Spreading and consolidating the culture of development, quality and excellence in all sectors of the university.

5. Link learning outcomes to the Kingdom's sustainable development plans.

6. Evaluation and development of curricula, teaching methods and methods of assessment.

7. Evaluation and continuous development of all employees of the university and its academic sectors to achieve accreditation and excellence in performance.

8. Strengthen partnership with local community institutions to meet their scientific and training needs.

9. Harmonizing students' admissions policies, university outputs and labor market needs.

10. Developing the performance of faculty members in the college by holding courses that enhance their skills.

11. Review and develop academic programs at the college and address any imbalance in the admission of students in some departments.

12. Develop the performance of the educational process in terms of the completion of human cadres, chemicals, devices, glassware, library processing and others.

13. Review the study schedules of departments and work on improving the preparation of schedules for members and students to achieve greater student achievement and raise the efficiency of graduate students from the College.

14. Preparing models for all aspects of the educational process for faculty members.

15. Follow up the student activities plan at the College and ensure that its objectives are achieved.

16. Strengthening the educational environment in order to raise the level of students’ graduates of the college.

17. Characterize the courses at the end of each semester and ensure compatibility with the university headquarters.

18. Follow-up evaluation of faculty members and students for all aspects of the educational process using the models of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment.

19. Educational assessment of tests at the end of each semester.

20. A survey of all the data of faculty members and students in the faculty.