Skills Development and Entrepreneurship Unit


Excellence in developing students' skills, establishing a culture of entrepreneurship, and developing entrepreneurial projects for college students.


To develop students' skills in the direction of the labor market, to play leadership and development roles in their society, to spread the culture of innovation and self-employment in the college and the Al-Khurma community, and to enable entrepreneurs to generate innovative ideas and transform them into realistic projects.


1. Supporting students' cognitive abilities and imparting knowledge skills that enable them to successfully enroll in university life.
2. Activate the role of students in the service of their community and their homeland through their rehabilitation on the basis of knowledge, skills and professional initiatives that help them to expand their perceptions and to accomplish their initiatives well.
3. Educating students about the concept of entrepreneurship and the culture of entrepreneurship, encouraging innovation and development, and establishing pilot projects.
4. Discover gifted students who are distinguished scientifically and culturally and identify aspects of their excellence, care and support.
5. Assisting students who fail to learn to overcome their stumbling;
6. Dissemination of the culture of entrepreneurship in the college and the al-Khurma community through public lectures, seminars, educational bulletins, competitions and publicity programs.
7. Develop the skills of scientific research among students, and interact with the techniques of various types and benefit from them.
8. Prepare students for the direction of the labor market, and to play effective and developmental roles in their society.
9. Contributing to the development of successive generations of entrepreneurs who are able to successfully establish and manage pilot facilities, and provide the necessary support to them through communication with funding agencies and initiatives development centers.
10. Communicate with the Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Taif, and follow up the evaluation of programs and events.