English Programme


The English department of Taif University in Khurma was founded in the academic year 1429 as one of the departments of the Community College in Khurma offering a two-year diploma in English for both male and female students. However, the programme was ceased by the end of the academic year 1433-1434. At the beginning of the academic year 1435, the department launched a four-year BA in English to both male and female students. Following the Academic Restructuring of the university’s colleges and departments early in the second semester of the academic year 1438-1439, the English Programme has become part of the Humanities Department of Khurma University College offering a four-year BA in English. Ever since, we pride ourselves in guiding a number of our students to successfully graduate, thus qualified to join the Saudi job market and we are planning to do more within the Kingdom’s guidelines of 2030 vision.
Programme’s Organigram (organizational chart)
Programme’s Vision
We  seek to improve our students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the English language focusing on both the inputs and outputs of the educational process using the appropriate  technology in the field of teaching English as a foreign language (EFL).
Programme’s Mission    
Producing competent graduates in the field of English language who can compete nationally in meeting the requirements of the labor market.
 Programme’s Goals
1. Developing students' communicative and collaborative English language skills. 
2. Equipping students with the critical and analytical skills required to deal with the different literary and linguistic aspects of English.
3. Equipping students with the necessary knowledge and required skills to analyze and translate different types of texts. 
4. Familiarizing students with the practical aspects of English language for the workplace and in society. 
5. Equipping students with the critical skills needed to carry out subject-oriented assignments and projects ethically and independently. 
 Conditions to join the programme
Generally, the conditions to admit students to the English programme of Khurma University College are set by the university’s Admission and Registration Deanship.  The percentage for eligibility for admission to the English department is calculated as follows:  
1. 50% from the overall performance in high school achievement tests. 
2. 50% from general aptitude tests. 
3. Passing the STEPS English proficiency test with at least 52 marks out of 100.
Courses the programme offers
We teach a variety of English Language courses covering skills, Language, Linguistics and Literature.
According the syllabus we are currently using, the skills courses we teach are designed to improve our students’ English language skills in: 
  a. Listening
  b. Speaking 
  c. Reading 
  d. Writing 

  e. Library and research