Mathematics Department


Mathematics Department has been established since 1429 as one of the departments of the faculty of Education and Sciences, Khurma Branch. Then In 1439, it became Al-Khurma University College.



To graduate qualified cadres who are equipped with insight and research skills in the field of mathematics.



To upgrade performance standards in the field of mathematics in order to be a leading department in the college.



1. To provide professional graduates in the field of mathematics to support the national development programs within public and higher education institutes, which achieve the 2030 vision of the kingdom.

2. Provide support to other departments in the university in their curriculum.

3. Encourage students to follow up the latest scientific research and techniques in the field.
4. Encourage scientific research and publications in the accredited scientific journals.
5. To encourage participation in conferences, scientific forums, seminars and workshops.

6. To encourage scientific cooperation between scientist in related areas such as statistics, operations research, physics, branches of engineering ….etc.