Community Service Unit and Volunteer Work


Leadership in partnership and community development at Al-Khurma governorate.


The Community Service Unit seeks to harness the capacity of faculty members to serve the local community and its various institutions through the provision of quality programs that document the relationship between the faculty in all its departments and community institutions. Which is positively reflected on community development and upgrading to the highest levels.


1- Utilizing the academic, research, training and creative potentials of the college and harnessing them to serve the local community sectors.

2. Provide an institutional model for community service and voluntary work based on scientific methodology, sustainable development and comprehensive development as an alternative to individual models.

3 - Strengthen the spirit of national belonging to the students of the college and invest their energies in the service of society and especially their young peers in terms of developing their skills and refining their talents and harnessing them in the comprehensive development of society.

4 - Provide specialized consultations in community service and voluntary work for individuals and institutions based on the needs of the community and in order to achieve social partnership.

5 - Coordinate between those wishing to provide community services and employ their efforts according to a systematic plan based on an integrated information system to ensure the continuity of these services and their comprehensiveness and achievement of the actual needs of the community.

6- To raise the level of community service and develop voluntary frameworks through providing training programs in the fields of public service and voluntary work suitable for the local environment to maximize the potential and optimize the human and material resources of the volunteers.

7- To spread the culture of volunteering and to raise awareness of the areas of community service and to show their impact in achieving the comprehensive development of the society in a way that motivates everyone to contribute according to its capabilities and tendencies through various means of propaganda and media.