Department of Computer


The  Department of Computer  of  Taif  University in Khurma branch  was founded in the academic year  1430 / 1431 as one of the departments of the Community College in Khurma. The department offered a four-year BA in Computer Science for both male and female students.

 The numbers of our students have been on the increase. We pride ourselves in providing the Saudi employment market with a number of qualified Computer Science BA  holders and we are planning to do more within the Kingdom’s guidelines of 2030 vision.


A leading academic model in computer science.


The department of computer is committed to provide students with a high quality education. It promotes creativity and team work in a student-oriented learning environment. The department inspires innovative research and participates in leading the information and communication technology (ICT) sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to facilitate transformation of KSA into a knowledge-based economy.The mission of the Department of Science is to prepare highly qualified professionals in Computer Science for an efficient contribution to the edification of the knowledge society and to the achievement of the national development goals through fostering an academic environment ideal for knowledge development, research, and innovation in the field of Computer Science