Student Advisory Council



Student Advisory Council


Is an advisory body aimed at achieving positive student participation in the decision-making of the university to develop the educational process and academic, and touch the views of students about the activities of education and non-descriptive and service to reach the community of knowledge and science.

Definition of Student Advisory Council

1. Create a link between the students, the college administration, and the university administration, in order to communicate, put forward opinions, and proposals to serve the educational process.

2. Promote participation and cooperation among students, management, and faculty members.

3. Develop students' abilities and encourage them to participate effectively in serving community issues.

4. Develop the leadership, communication and responsibility skills of students, thus contributing to building a globally competitive student community.

5. Discover students' abilities and talents and guide them appropriately.

6. Participate in the organization and coordination of student activities, individual and collective, and make the most of the available university resources.

7. Educate students and encourage them to adhere to the provisions and regulations in force at the university and good performance and achievement of scientific and good handling with faculty members and university staff.

Developing students' loyalty to their country, university and colleges



Objectives of the Council

1. Transfer student proposals to the Dean of the College.

2. Representing the students of the college in meetings and events related to academic issues of interest to the students, to any party inside or outside the college.

3. Work to implement students' proposals as much as possible, and solve their problems, through coordination with the concerned authorities, in a manner that does not contradict with the college regulations and policies, or through the programs and activities supervised by it or implemented by the Student Council.

4. Address the challenges facing youth and social issues within the university community, such as: issues with a national dimension through the revival of national, religious and social events; health issues and environmental issues.

5. Supervising the student club for activities within the college and organizing the activities of the different academic year.

6. Contribute to solving the problems that may arise between college students.

7. Provide support and assistance (academic, social) to fellow students in need of college.

8. Cooperating to make the college a professional educational society, an incubator environment for the generation and development of knowledge and the acquisition of ideals, ethics, acquaintance and harmony among all its employees.

9. Participate in the development of programs and study plans at the College on a continuous basis, through the introduction of student proposals, or the results of studies and research related to the needs of the labor market, which are submitted to the Council by its members or any other individual who has official status in college.

10. Document all plans and activities of the student council in their own records.

11. Attend the meetings of the College Council at the invitation of the dean of the College if necessary.

مهام المجلس الطلابي


The Electoral Council represents three students from each academic department whose membership is approved after the completion of the nomination process and the student election.

1. Chairman of the student council.

2. Vice Chairman of the Student Council.

3. Secretary of the student council.

4. Supervisor of student activities.

5. Media Officer.

Forming the student council

All students of the College concerned are entitled to be nominated for membership in the Student Council in accordance with the following conditions:

1. The student must be regular in the university.

2. The cumulative average shall not be less than (3) out of (5).

3. No disciplinary penalties have been imposed against him.

4. Passing the personal interview.

5. Student Council Privileges

6. Membership card of the student council.

7. Certificate of thanks after the end of the period of work of the Council.

8. Publish his personal profile on the university's student council website.

9. Priority in nomination for student courses held inside or outside the university.

10. Representing the university in meetings and events inside and outside the Kingdom.

11. A member of the Higher Student Council shall be paid a monetary remuneration under the student employment system. According to the Student Fund Regulations, such remuneration shall require that the member be an active member of the Council and its activities throughout the term of his membership.

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