Academic Counseling


Counseling is a structured professional work, which aims to provide the student with comprehensive care for the educational, social, psychological and other aspects, so we took care of him and assigned him to selected faculty members.


The aim of the academic guidance is to create a student with a serious scientific personality capable of giving and helping to rehabilitate him to be a strong building block in building the society. He also helps the university to achieve its mission and goals towards the student, especially towards the society in general.

Vision :

To provide an integrated, high-quality learning environment that prepares distinguished science students who are well qualified in their field of study and in all aspects of their lives.

  •  Helping university students to choose the appropriate disciplines for their abilities that the community needs more.
  •  To familiarize students with the university's study and testing systems and other systems of interest to them in their school life, so as to be aware of them.
  •  Guide students who fail in their studies, and guide them to ways to raise their level of education and help them overcome the obstacles they face.