Student Curricular Activities


Excellence in various student activities, in order to achieve a leading position among university colleges, as well as other universities.



Developing students' skills by practicing various student activities, instilling in them concepts and ethical values that help them practice their work in practice.


The integrated development of students culturally, socially, scientifically, mathematically, in addition to deepening their social values. The objectives of the student activity are as follows:

• Contribute to the formation of a balanced and integrated student personality.

• Invest in students' time in meaningful and useful programs to reveal their talent, abilities and refinement.

• Build students' skills in life skills and train them to lead, obey and take responsibility.

• Emphasize the duty of students to serve their country and strengthen their feelings towards them.

• Strengthen brotherly ties between students and strengthen the spirit of harmony and cooperation with their teachers.

• Continuing the relationship of students to their university after graduation to ensure their interaction with them and renew their knowledge and benefit from them in their field of specialization.

• Creating a fertile environment for creativity and innovation among students.

• Linking the activities practiced by the student with the scientific materials he studies and translating them into positive actions and behaviors.

• Recreation of self through programs targeted and studied and designed on the basis of educational.

• Developing students' participation and teamwork.

• Activating the role of Taif University in volunteering and social responsibility towards society.

• Enhance life skills, leadership, self-confidence, and instill a sense of responsibility and responsibility among students.

• To prepare students for the job market by providing them with the necessary skills, providing opportunities for support, training and rehabilitation, and helping them to identify jobs suitable for their specialization.