Physics Department


The Physics  department of Taif University in Khurma was founded in the academic year 1429 as one of the departments of the Community College in Khurma. The department offered a four-year BA in Physics for both male and female students. The programme was ceased by the end of the academic year 1433-1434. The numbers of our students have been on the increase. We pride ourselves in providing the Saudi employment market with a number of qualified Physics BA  holders and we are planning to do more within the Kingdom’s guidelines of 2030 vision.     


The Physics department seeks to Excellence in knowledge and scientific research in the various fields of physics and their applications, and serving the community and people at the local, regional and global levels. Mission 
The mission of the Physics department is part of the university's mission vis-à-vis the Saudi society by implementing the Kingdom's higher education policies. Although the department is only a couple of years old, it strives to cater for the needs of the local community in particular and the Saudi job market in general by graduating qualified  and well-trained Physics students to participate in the development of the kingdom. 
The BA Programme the Physics department of the College of Education and Science in Khurma offers is meant to achieve the following: 
1. The Department aspires to prepare cadres who are scientifically and practically qualified to meet the needs of the labor market in the public education sector, higher institutes and scientific research centres. 
2. To meet the needs of different departments of the Faculty of Science and other faculties of the university and its branches with physics courses and provide the scientific cadres that teach these courses. In addition, the department identifies the syllabus of the courses according to the new scientific development and the objectives of each de 
3. Holding training courses to improve the efficiency of teachers of physics in coordination with the Ministry of Education, in order to keep place with the continuous development in the curriculum.
4. Preparing the student for an appropriate preparation that enables him to continue his studies in postgraduate programs in various universities inside and outside the country. 
5. Providing the community with qualified researchers who are able to work in different research centers such as the Center for Environmental Studies, the Standards and Metrology Authority, and scientific research centers in universities.
6. The department is interested in determining the research decisions and elective courses in the plan, which includes topics related to the scientific and industrial problems facing the community development plans.
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