Dean's word

Our beloved Kingdom is going through growing stages of development in various fields and rapid development at all levels. A clearly defined strategic plan with a date of 2030. Every institution in the nation is required to keep pace with the advancement and push the wheel of development forward. Taif University, thanks to God, then thanks to the young pioneering leadership God has given it, has had a head start. To delve into this field, many pioneering works have been accomplished. It accomplished in a year what could not have been accomplished in years. These achievements and this movement were not limited to the The main branch of the university only; Rather, this movement crossed the wall of the university and its blessings and breezes reached the university branches, which were hundreds of kilometers away. The circle of movement and development expanded until everyone was in a regular, organized scientific, research and cultural vehicle, competing for the distinguished achievement. There were many difficult challenges due to the distance from the mother and due to the capabilities. The region received generous guidance from the university administration to try to overcome these difficulties and quickly solve some of the problems related to the branch.
     Goodness continues to come and pioneering directives continue. So that our students can study in an appropriate scientific environment, and hope is being fulfilled, which is accompanied by effective solutions to many problems. Thank you to the university administration for the interest it gives to the branch, and there is great hope for what is coming of goodness, God willing.

Dean of the University College in Khurma