Dean's word

Dean's word :

We all know that our beloved Kingdom is going through this stage of the history of its renaissance in stages of rapid development in various fields and move confidently towards achieving rapid development at all levels ... It is a clear strategic plan, scheduled for 2030 (twenty-thirty) The ambitions of this plan are to push forward the development. The University of Taif was a pioneer in its field thanks to God, and thanks to its pioneering leadership, it managed to go into that field; it completed its work within one year unless it was accomplished within years. This movement was not modest, but surpassed the walls of the mother university, bringing its wings and blessed names to its branches, even to the distance of hundreds of dimensions of the meters; and then took the circle of mobility dimensions, including everyone in a scientific research vehicle organized cultural, seeking to compete for the achievement Distinguished.

Since the appointment of His Excellency Dr. Hossam Abdul Wahab Zaman, the President of the University, and the branches have received special attention. On 27/7/1438 H., he made a successful visit to the University branch in Al-Kharama to find out about the branch and its needs. And by virtue of the potential of the region, the guidance came to make serious attempts to overcome these difficulties and quickly solve the problems related to the branch, especially those related to the field of education, and hence came the idea of ​​structuring the colleges of branches that have been closely followed by and Air University for Academic Affairs and Development, until the approval of the new label for the College issued, namely: (University College Bakhermh), and has been restructured programs and study plans to adapt the programmatic transformation of the University Mother approach. In this way it was possible to correct many of the problems and overcome many of the problems that faced both the student and the employees of the branch.

And did not stop at that, the directive was issued by His Excellency the Rector of the University - God save him - quickly completed the new buildings of the branches, and the need to move to them at the beginning of the academic year 1438/1439; so that our students can study in the appropriate scientific environment, And has been accompanied by effective solutions to many of the problems ... Thank God, and thank the University administration for the attention he received from the branch, and the great hope for what is coming from the good, God willing.

                                                                                                          Dean of the College

                                                                                                 Dr.. Ali bin Muthayeb al-Subaie