The visit of His Excellency to the University College of Khurma

date of publication : 2021-10-03

The University College in Khurma received His Excellency the President of Taif University, Prof. Youssef Abda Asiri, and the delegation accompanying His Excellency, on 14/1/1443 AH. His Excellency inaugurated the new building for the female section of the college. His Excellency also met with all the faculty members and employees of the college and listened to their opinions and suggestions. He also met with some political and executive leaders in the governorate. He thanked Prof. Dr. Shafi Muthkir Al-Subaie, Dean of the College, Dr. Sami Ali Al-Dhamri, Vice Dean of the College, and all the staff of the College for the dedication and good reception he saw.