Pharmacy Doctor (Pharm. D.) Program

Introduction to the Pharm. D. Program

  • The Pharm. D program at Taif University consists of six academic years, including the internship year (the last year of the program's study period). The study program includes basic scientific courses in addition to the clinical sciences and intensive clinical training in hospital wards, health care centers, and community pharmacies. The final year also includes a graduation project that prepares the student for leadership and collaboration with colleagues, in addition to continuous self-learning.
  • The program is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the labor market in preparing qualified cadres to provide the best services and pharmaceutical care to the citizens of the Kingdom in hospitals, health centers, higher education, and research centers in accordance with international standards and with a refined professional behavior that conforms to high ethical and Islamic standards.
  • The program is taught using credit hours system and the best modern methods in pharmacy education as well as distinguished academic guidance. The student forms the center of the educational process. Teaching is done using modern methods of teaching, learning, and education based on problem-based learning in addition to clinical training in hospitals. Community service development is one of the basic activities within the program.
  • The college harnesses all its capabilities to qualify its children, not only from an academic point of view but also in all fields to obtain a highly qualified graduate who can effectively contribute to the realization of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.

Important information about the program

To learn more about the program, dear student, you can review the Pharm. D. program guide (click here), Program specification (click here), the Pharm. D.  field training guide (click here), and the graduation projects guide (click here).

In order to apply to study, the Pharm. D. program, the student should apply through the Deanship of Admission and Registration at the university (the introductory guide for the admission and registration office) and follow the instructions of the Deanship of Student Affairs at the university (the Student’s Guide to the Deanship of Student Affairs), especially with regard to study systems and exams at Taif University (Guide to Studies and Exams). There is an academic advising unit in the college that specializes in taking care of students and increasing their awareness of their academic responsibilities.