Important Guidebooks and Files

Important Guidebooks for Students:

1) Pharm. D. Program Guide: Click here

2) Pharma D. Field Experience Training Guide: Click here

3) Pharma D. Graduation Projects Manual: Click here

4) Student Comprehensive Handbook: Click here

5) Disciplinary Regulations for Students at Taif University: Click here

6) Student rights and responsibilities: Click here

7) College of Pharmacy Study Guide: Click here

8) Student’s Rights and Obligation Code: Click here

9) Student Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Bylaw: Click here

10) Student Grievance and Appeal mechanism: Click here


Important Guidebooks for Staff Members:

1) College of Pharmacy Policies and Procedures Manual: Click here

2) College Strategic Plan: Click here

3) Pharm D. Program Quality Assurance Guide: Click here

4) Faculty Member handbook: Click here

5) Non-academic staff member Handbook: Click here

6) Comprehensive Handbook of University Academic Advising: Click here

7) Policies of Laboratories Management and Operation Guide: Click here



Important Files about the Pharm. D. Program:

1) Program specification 2022-2023: Click here

2) Latest Annual Program Report 2021-2022: Click here

3) Latest Pharm. D. Program KPIs report 2021-2022: Click here

4) Pharm. D. program Operational plan 2022-2023: Click here

5) Short description of Pharm. D. courses: Click here

6) Admission Requirements of the Pharm. D. Program: Click here

7) Current 3-trimester study plan: Click here

8) Program Learning Outcome (PLO) Assessment Plan: Click here

9) Updated Structure of Program committees and Units 2022-2023: Click here