Praise be to Allah who taught by the pen, taught man what he did not know, and blessings and peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, the teacher of people, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family and companions.

Initially, I would like to welcome you to the website of the College of Pharmacy at Taif University, where the knowledge, the field of competition, and the arena of building cadres for the labor market meet together. Indeed, preparation of our students for the labor market is witnessing a dynamic and tireless movement to move towards the better always under the wise leadership of Taif University, the supportive management of the College, and the blessed efforts of the teaching and administrative staff alongside our students.

Hence, our goal in the Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs and Training is to improve the educational process and clinical training for male and female students in both parts of the College, to upgrade them, and to take care of all matters related to the training skills required during the study years in general and the internship year. This takes place in accordance with comprehensive quality standards and activating links of communication and cooperation to build strong cooperative relations with various governmental and private health sectors to achieve Taif University’s strategic goal of linking education with the labor market and spreading the spirit of social responsibility, and self-esteem to contribute to the realization of the national transformation program in accordance with the vision of the wise Kingdom 2030, which is the prime motivation to all officials and citizens.

The Vice Deanship for Clinical Affairs is also keen to harness all means and capabilities to find promising and appropriate future career opportunities for male and female graduates that are consistent and consistent with the skills they acquired during clinical training during the years of study.

In conclusion, I ask Allah to help us all to serve our true religion and our generous country and to prepare for our students a promising future full of giving and crowned with success, achievements, and distinction

                                         Vice Dean of the College of Pharmacy for Clinical Affairs and Training

                                                                             Dr. Mona Yasser Al-Sheikh