Development and Academic Committee


The development of education in general and university education in particular is a priority for development and as the case in the Faculty of Pharmacy Taif University. In order to ensure the quality and advancement of education and to reach the world level in line with the vision of the Kingdom of 2030 and the university's interest in the process of academic accreditation, the Council of the College of Pharmacy approved the establishment of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit. Accordingly, the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Unit in the Faculty of Pharmacy has been established and its structure was modified every year to ensure the renewal of thought and maintain a high level of performance to achieve the vision and mission of the College.



Putting the college within a framework that meets the quality standards at the national level in order to obtain academic accreditation



The Unit seeks to spread the culture of quality and performance evaluation in all elements of the educational system and the research and service activities provided by the College in the light of the standards of the National Commission for Quality Assurance and Accreditation and adopt the process of continuous improvement of the institutional and academic performance to improve the level of competence and competitiveness of its graduates and gain the trust and satisfaction of the beneficiaries, For the accreditation of the educational programs.


Strategic goals:

The Development and Accreditation Committee of the Faculty of Pharmacy aims to adopt mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating performance in all the educational, research and service activities of the college in light of the standards of the National Quality Assurance and Accreditation Authority to achieve the mission and objectives of the College through:

  1. Establish a system for internal monitoring and evaluation of performance in all academic, research, service and administrative activities within the college in order to achieve the objectives of the college and improve its outputs.
  2. To spread and promote the culture and concepts of quality among all employees in the departments and departments within the college, which achieves excellence in performance and supports the completion of tasks.
  3. Building and improving the institutional and human capacities of the college and qualifying it for excellence through specialized training programs to raise the efficiency of individuals.
  4. Strengthening the system of research activities by adopting research plans at the level of the program, which represents a research plan at the level of the college, ensuring cooperation between different departments and contributing to solving societal problems on scientific bases and putting the university in an advanced arrangement locally and regionally.
  5. Raise the level of community participation to ensure the provision of quality services and quality to win the satisfaction and trust of beneficiaries.
  6. Ensure that the requirements and requirements of the National Commission for Quality Assurance, Accreditation and College Qualification are met for academic accreditation.