Pharm D. Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs


Knowledge and understanding

K1. Recognize in-depth and specialized knowledge of different classes of drugs including their sources, purification, identification, physicochemical characterization methods.

K2. Discuss advanced knowledge of principals and concepts related to pharmaceutical and biomedical practices.

K3. Identify specialized techniques of research and development related to drug discovery, design, manufacture and performance of dosage forms according to legal, ethical and professional standards.



S1. Apply problem solving and research skills for developing, assessing and improving pharmaceutical, clinical and administrative practices

S2. Assess the validity and reliability of drug information for use in evidence-based practice and research.

S3. Develop patient-specific and evidence-based pharmaceutical care plans via inter-professional collaboration.

S4. Use appropriate methods for pharmaceutical compounding and drug development based on quality standards of each practice setting.

S5. Select and adapt suitable digital tools and applications for managing medication use and patient care according to legal, and professional guidelines.

S6. Communicate effectively with colleagues, patients, prescribers, supervisors, other health care providers, administrative and supportive personnel within the work environment.



V1. Demonstrate integrity, ethical behavior, professional and academic values in various practice settings.

V2. Support patient rights of receiving safe, effective, affordable and cost-effective medication under different contexts.

V3. Participate in continuous reflective, adaptive and collaborative learning to keep pace with recent professional and inter-professional development.

V4. Demonstrate leadership in appropriate circumstances including complex professional and ethical issues with complete respect to cultural diversity.

V5. Collaborate effectively with full responsibility with colleagues and other healthcare professionals in research and professional projects for promoting quality life for the community.