Scientific Research Committee


The Scientific Research Committee is a specialized unit that supports and encourage scientific research activities of the college staff and management and development of the postgraduate programs at the college. The committee is composed of different faculty members of each department at the college who are actively publishing scientific research. The committee is directly linked to the college’s Dean.


Vision: Update and development of scientific research to improve published research at the college of Pharmacy at international level.


Mission: Raising the efficiency of scientific research through the development of new research projects serving the departments of the college of pharmacy as well as pharmaceutical industries.



1. Securing the appropriate scientific climate to support and encourage research, publishing, writing, translation and attending scientific conferences and symposia among faculty members and students of the faculty.

2. Proposing strategies and objectives of scientific research in the college in light of the strategic plan of the college and the objectives of the national development plan in various sectors of the Kingdom, and follow up on adherence to these strategies and objectives.

3. Supporting scientific research, encouraging faculty members and researchers to carry out in-depth studies on subjects covered by the research priorities plan of the faculty and scientific departments.

4. Follow up the implementation of scientific research plans prepared by the Deanship of Scientific Research.

5. Formulation and approval of scientific and practical formulas and procedures in the field of evaluation of research prepared by the Deanship of Scientific Research in accordance with the criteria of academic accreditation and quality in scientific research.

6. Proposing the general rules and regulations that assist in applying and using the research results after evaluating them, guaranteeing the rights and intellectual property, facilitating the commercial investment of the results of these researches, and following up on compliance with these rules and regulations.

7. Follow-up and supervision of the graduate programs offered by the College.

8. Development of graduate programs and proposing other new graduate programs.